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Chris was born in Northern Greece and came to Australia as a young boy. He initially lived in Sydney and in 1988 was amazed by a very intense hail storm that smashed his house. This hailstorm had torn off the roof, blown out the windows of his house and left his family in complete shock, all with almost no warning. Since that day, Chris Nitsopoulos (Nitso) has been passionate about studying the weather and learning about what makes thunderstorms tick in order to better understand and forecast them. Upon completing his high school education in Townsville, he went on to James Cook university to begin a degree in Meteorology. Unfortunately Chris could not grasp the intricate mathematical formulas behind the physics involved in meteorology and changed degrees with a year left in his meteorology degree. He completed a degree in Secondary School education majoring in Geography and ironically enough, minoring in mathematics and physics. Nitso successfully taught Geography, Science, Mathematics and Physical Education for 5 years before dropping his full time teaching load to pursue a small business goal which could give him a lot more time off and help fund his storm chasing. In 2010, Nitso began a business selling sports shoes and supplements online. In 2013, Nitso shut down that business and now works primarily on Oz Cyclone Chasers and does a couple of days supply teaching at a couple of Catholic schools in Townsville The fact that his workload was far reduced allowed him to pursue his burning desire to chase tropical cyclones.

Even though Chris never completed his Meteorology degree, his passion for studying the weather and in particular severe weather systems has never diminished. During the dry season you would normally see Chris spending much of his spare time burying his head in old meteorology books or online researching meteorological studies from around the world. Chris enjoys and learns from every storm chase regardless of its success/failure, in fact Chris believes that in storm chasing you learn more from a failed chase or a failed forecast because it drives you to learn why you got it wrong and to strive to get it right next time. Chris is a registered storm spotter with the Bureau of Meteorology, he is a trained first aid officer and a qualified gym instructor. Chris also enjoys refereeing Rugby League and Rugby Union part time in the Winter months and says that he would go crazy with boredom and weigh 200kg if he didn’t have a hobby like refereeing to keep him fit and busy in the months between April and October. 

Chris is in charge of all of our subscriber services at OCC. 


This update is brought to you by our major sponsor Campbell Scientific Australia - When Measurements Matter  We look at a Tropical LOW that will impact Queensland's Gulf coast and Western Peninsula along with some heavy rain that is likely to occur on the NE coast of Queensland between Townsville and Cooktown.  Our next public video update will be issued around 9:00PM QLD time tomorrow night (16th March) with our next subscriber update at about 10:00AM tomorrow morning (16th March) To ...
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​A monsoon will develop next week and a LOW will form along it in the Gulf Of Carpentaria and it will likely move to the east. Some models also predict the possibility of a secondary circulation near the North Queensland coastline.  Shown above are the early estimates from the OCF for rain amounts. These rain amounts are primarily occurring from the 15th March  Individual models are predicting isolated pockets of 300-500mm/day across the North coast with general falls of 50+mm/day...
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​As we mentioned yesterday, the monsoon is arriving early next week and with it a Tropical LOW is expected to form. It is becoming increasingly likely that this LOW will form in the Gulf Of carpentaria and then track SE or ESE into Queensland. The LOW is expected to bring heavy falls to the Gulf, Western Peninsula and the NE Coast of Queensland.  The Euro and GFS modelling is quite interesting with both computer models showing two possible LOWS in similar locations. One in the Gulf and one ...
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Great rain for Townsville but it's not filling the dam :(

Once again we've seen some awesome rain for Townsville but that rain hasn't extended west far enough to flow into the Ross River Dam.  Shown below is the updated rainfall observations chart until 6AM this morning (March 10) for the previous 20 hour period.  While it's so great to see the rain around a city which has just gotten through its driest year in history, the rain is a very short term quick fix solution and its benefits will be forgotten in less than a week from now becaus...
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A weak monsoon trough is set to form across far Northern Australia early next week. Computer models indicate that a Tropical LOW will form along that trough line. The favoured location for the initial formation of that LOW appear to be at the base of the Top End of the NT, the LOW should then push east towards the Gulf Of Carpentaria/Queensland and slowly deepen.  Above is the Euro Ensemble showing the favoured area of that LOW's position next Friday morning. However you can also see a...
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OCC Tuesday Subscriber Updates - Completed

Subscribers, your video updates for Tuesday have been completed and are now available on your state pages and on the "Future Aussie Cyclones" page QUEENSLAND UPDATE Widespread showers continuing along the coast, but clearing slowly northwards as the week progresses and into the weekend.  A Monsoon develops next week and dumps big falls  find out where  A LOW could form in 2 areas near Queensland next week - find out where.  Another LOW may track westwards from New Caledonia t...
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Final Monsoonal burst of 2016

Computer models indicate one final burst of the monsoon is expected to hit Northern Australia mid to late this month.

A Tropical LOW looks set to form near the Top WEnd or in the Gulf Of Carpentaria towards the back end of next week. Currently we see evidence of a 30-40% chance that this LOW will reach tropical cyclone intensity, however the favoured option remains for the LOW to stay monsoonal in structure with the strongest winds located well away from the centre.

Early model predictions show that the LOW is favoured to shift eastwards across the Gulf towards Queensland's Western Peninsula

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