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As the sun sets on the final day of 2016, for many of us in the North, the year will be remembered as a very dull, dry and uninteresting one weather wise. The good news is that 2017 is set to kick off with a bang across much of Northern Australia. The monsoon is set to create at least a couple LOW pressure systems and ensure that most if not all of Northern Australia gets a nice drink to start the year off in the next week to 10 days. The image above shows the widespread nature of the rainfall expected over the next 7 days across Northern Australia. It is representative of everything a wet season week should be. Widespread showers and storms with pockets of heavy falls near the weak LOW pressure systems that form. The only thing missing is a Tropical Cyclone.


​In Queensland, the monsoon moves south through the week with scattered showers and isolated storms developing across much of the state as it drifts southwards. Meanwhile in Central Queensland a complex trough and LOW move into the coastal regions enhancing rainfall early to mid week. Later in the week and next weekend we are expecting to see increasing rains across NE Queensland as the monsoon begins moving back to the north. Southern inland, South-Western and Central Western Queensland are likely to miss out with lighter falls also expected around the Burdekin region and the North Tropical Coast regions. 


​In the Territory, the monsoon will continue producing squally showers and storms especially across the Western Top End where a Tropical LOW will be moving through the area early in the week. A number of river systems may flood through the week dependent on the movement of the LOW. Next weekend, a new weak LOW could form in the Gulf or near the Eastern Top End coast which will result in a new increase in rainfall across the North and Eastern Territory. In the meantime, the NE parts of the Territory are likely to miss out on the heavy falls. The unprecedented rainy period for the Southern NT looks like it is over as well. 


It'll be a slow start to 2017 weather wise in WA but a Tropical LOW from the Northern Territory could move into the Kimberley region later in the week. If it does that, expect those rain totals above to increase dramatically. In the meantime a trough system will form and increase showers and storms across the inland Pilbara, Gascoyne and Kimberley. In the longer term, the new NT LOW in a week - 10 days time may begin moving towards the Northern parts of WA and may start influencing weather across the north in a couple of weeks.