Eyewall Lite

Eyewall Lite
Duration: 12 months
Price: $24.95

The Oz Cyclone Chasers Eyewall Lite Membership includes


  • Exclusive access to weather event analysis and forecast videos for Queensland, NT and WA. 
  • Exclusive access to our cyclone analysis and forecast video updates along with longer term projection videos.
  • Exclusive live streaming action video from within a tropical cyclone while we are actively chasing (Subject to Mobile Data Coverage).   
  • Exclusive access to state weather pages which outline 8-day rain tables and model data specific for your state. 
  • Exclusive access to our subscriber-only forum and subscriber only blogs for more 'sensitive' information/forecasts and videos 
  • Exclusive access to live feeding data from our weather station that we deploy in the path of the cyclone (Subject to Mobile Data Coverage).
  • Enjoy our site ad-free

Only $24.95 for the year, and you will be helping us continue to document tropical cyclones. Click on the Sign Up at the top of this page to continue to the Registration Form.